What Is Web Hosting & Why You Need It

If you’re thinking of creating your own website you’re making an excellent choice, especially if you’re running a business, or you’d like to create a source of income. You probably already heard that the first things you need when you want to start a website are a domain name and website hosting.

While understanding what a domain name is and why you should have it it’s easy, comprehending what a website hosting is, how it works, and why you need it can be more complicated. This is why, in this article, we decided to discuss anything you need to know about web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting And Why You Need It?

What is website hosting?

A web host is a server that provides you with storage space for all your website’s files and applications. You can access the server through your Internet connection so that you won’t need to save any type of file on your computer.

This type of service is provided by web hosting providers, companies that rent their storage space and technology to users like you. Anyone that types your domain name on their browser’s URL bar, or clicks on a link, can visit your website as it is constantly online.

Web hosting providers also offer other types of service, for example, regular backup of your files so that they can also improve the security of your data.

What Is Web Hosting & Why You Need It 1

Why do you need a website host?

To understand why you need a web host, let’s consider the alternative for one moment. If you don’t want to rely on a website hosting service, you need to have a small server (it can also be your computer) where all the files and applications related to your website can be saved. However, in order to make your website always available for Internet users, your computer or physical server should be constantly online.

So, why do you need website hosting?

“Web Hosting Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7.”
Dr. Chris Dayagdag

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To be online

If you don’t have a web host but you rely on a physical server, you need to keep it constantly online. If there’s a blackout in your area for an hour or so, your website won’t be available to any visitor for that hour or so.

Furthermore, many events can occur that can cause your computer or server to be offline, and if you don’t have a web host, your website would be off anytime anything of the sort happens.

For security reasons

Web hosting providers take care of the maintenance of their servers so that you don’t need to. Server maintenance is a complicated matter: just dealing with its temperature is a hard job. You want professionals with the necessary resources and equipment to deal with it.

Technical support

Website hosting companies also provide technical support to all their clients. It means that if you have any problem with your website, you can contact them and they’d either fix it or help you solve it. This is precious support that you’re forced to renounce when you run your website from a private server.

In light of what we’ve learned with this article, you can understand how having a website host is almost mandatory when you want to build a website.

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