How To Become A Web Designer

The Internet is becoming more and more present in our lives. As a consequence, there is no business, store, company, freelance today that can avoid having a website. And just a website isn’t enough, because everybody has it and the competition is getting higher and higher. Websites need to be professional, performant, and attractive… web designers are, therefore, one of the most requested professional figures today.

If you’re planning on becoming a web designer, you’re setting up a great career for your future. But, how to become a web designer? You are about to find it out!

how to become a web designer

Learn the skills

The first step for building your career as a web designer is to learn all the required skills. Web designing is a job with two faces: a very creative one and a very technical one. While you need to develop both aspects, the technical ones are usually more complex. What are the technical skills that make an excellent web designer?

  • Graphic software: become familiar with graphic software since graphic has huge importance in web design
  • Programming languages: you can make a website work properly and professionally without knowing the main programming languages; you should at least become an expert of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • SEO: search engines will be an important access door to all your website. It’s important that you learn how to optimize web pages for search engines.
How to become a web designer 1

Earn Certification

Whether you’re planning on working as a freelance web designer or finding a job in a company, certification will be useful to help you find the jobs.

Both your clients and your employers will be happy to know where you’ve learned the skill you claim you have and to have a certificate that guarantees that you’re not making anything up!

Earning certifications is also a way to boost your knowledge and skill even further.

Some great starting courses would be:

to name but a few..

Find your clients or job

Everything is set by now and you’re ready to apply for a job or find your first clients. In both cases, the Internet is the best opportunity you have to let people know you or find the companies that have open positions for web designers.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”
Ralf Speth

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How long does it take to become a web designer?

Many web designers grow up as Internet and programming passionate and they just learn the skills during the years. But does it mean that it necessarily takes years to become a web designer?

If you’re an adult searching for a new career, you can start a web designing course today and learn anything you need to know to start building websites for clients in about 6 months. Of course, your skills will improve as you become more and more experienced, and you won’t be finding your first client the day after you end your first web designing course. So, calculate one year to become a web designer with a minimum of experience and be able to find their first clients or job.

How much does a web designer earn?

Whether you’re an employee in a company or working as a freelancer for multiple clients at a time, you can expect an average salary of about R300 / $22 per hour. 


We know that you are excited to get started so let us know how it goes!

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