5 Reasons your business needs a website

So the time has come to decide whether your business requires a website or not. Many businesses have been flourishing without one – or so you think. I am going to explain the 5 benefits of having a website for your business and will add some thought-provoking statistics as well.

Currently, Google averages 40,000 searches every second, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year. That’s a lot of searches every second and also a lot of potential business that you could be getting.

Even with that being said 6 out of every 10 small businesses in 2018 don’t have a website for their business and that 35% of small business owners feel that their business is too small for a website. 

One of my clients said the same thing when contacting me. It seemed he was hesitant to make a website because he felt that his company didn’t have enough authority to warrant a website. All businesses have got to start somewhere and even just by creating the website you automatically create authority for your business because 56% of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website. Let’s get into the 5 reasons your business needs a website.

1. Digitally introduce your  business

In the digital age, a website is a perfect place to advertise your services and products especially considering the increasing avoidance of phone calls in today’s society.

A survey of reality panelists revealed that 22 of the 49 respondents were either moderately uncomfortable (39 percent) or very uncomfortable (6 percent) talking on the telephone. Only nine respondents (18 percent) said they were very comfortable, while 18 people (37 percent) said they were moderately comfortable.

This ultimately means that if a potential client has anxiety dealing with phone calls when enquiring for your service they might head over to a competitor’s website, get the information, pricing and place an order all on their website.

5 Reasons your business needs a website​ 1

2. The sales rep that never sleeps

Imagine paying as little as R249 a month for a monthly website that doesn’t knock off, take lunch or stand at the water fountain gossiping. A website is a 24/7 sales rep that keeps your potential clients informed about your services and products and even conducts sales for you with a powerful call to action and online shopping carts. I’ll give him a raise.

3. Builds Credibility

Every business, no matter its size or age, should have a website. No excuses. A website is a statement of legitimacy and a way of instilling confidence in your business. Without one, your business will lack credibility. It will be seen as too small or too new to trust. You’ll limit your ability to reach new clients and persuade them to do business with you.

4. Keeps customers informed

You want to always be ahead of your competitors. Having a website allows you the opportunity to set up a blog, mailing list or introduce new products; this will make your website the go-to place in your respective industry for products, services or relevant information.

5. Your competitors have one

It’s expected that by 2020, there will be more than 2 billion online shoppers. I can guarantee you that your competitors have received a couple of leads or made a couple of sales based on their web presence alone today. 

With that being said, why would you not want to level the playing field and give a proper fighting chance when acquiring new leads for your business. I can personally say that if I cannot find a business online I often worry about their legitimacy when proceeding unless I can find reviews or have friends and family refer me.

In conclusion

In an ever-changing market what used to work is not working anymore, we tend to hold onto our old ways and structures and probably still use excel for our pipeline instead of getting a CRM. Many things work well and will continue to do so but not having a website is to me business suicide because it is a great tool for lead generation, keeping your customers in the loop as to new trends and ensuring your potential client that you mean business. 

After reading the 5 Reasons your business needs a website, what’s holding you back? Let’s get you a website for your business or personal brand with once-off packages starting from R1999 or if funds are tight read our 5 benefits of a pay monthly website which starts from R249 per month. 

Wishing you the utmost success going forward

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