5 Benefits of a pay monthly website

So you finished reading our 5 reasons your business needs a website and you’re interested in getting a website for your business. You’re faced with 2 options; a once-off website payment that is generally very expensive which puts off many individuals or a pay monthly website which looks very enticing but you know little about it. In this article, I will explain the 5 benefits of a pay monthly website and why it may be a better option for your business.

5 Benefits of a pay monthly website

1. Small Initial Payments

Getting your website up and running has commonly been an expensive process. Pay monthly website packages have assisted all business sizes and budgets in getting an effective website without the large outlay of capital. 

Pay monthly packages make it easy for any willing business owner to get a solid online presence and grow their business. Our packages are not only affordable – starting from R249 per month but are worth much more than other plans offered online

5 Benefits of a pay monthly website 1

2. Constant Service

Paying for a monthly package is the equivalent of hiring an employee full time to manage your website and marketing. Their job would entail ensuring that the website doesn’t go offline and that should any issues arise you only need to send an email through and they would resolve the issue within 48 hours. 

This employee also dips his toes into your sales environment as they know the more sales you generate, the more likely you are to add more products to the monthly package.

A person’s first impression is formed primarily based on the design-related elements of your site, which is also what underlies a person’s judgment on how credible you are as a business

3. Fully Optimized

Unpredictable changes and redesigns have always been one of the biggest concerns expressed to us regarding once off websites. Ranging from major changes every couple of years or minor details/design changes. 

Unanticipated plugins or WordPress security updates can create conflicts with browsers (new or old) or break the design or disable some important features. A pay monthly plan ensures that we constantly update your website to the correct versions and that we resolve any issues in a quick and professional manner.

4. Web Design Trends

Many of us won’t wear what was in fashion five years ago. Why would you allow your business to be subjected to outdated design trends and coding? It’s like fashion, but online. 

Bringing your site up to date each couple of years with the latest coding and designs are essential to keeping your businesses online presence relevant and in top shape.

5 Benefits of a pay monthly website

5. No Contracts

The best part of the pay monthly packages is the benefit of not being tied into any contracts. You are able to cancel at any time giving a 30 day notice. This allows you the opportunity to move over to another provider should your current one not be delivering on their promises. 

The downside is that you lose the existing website but a seasoned web designer like Digital Bandits will have your new and improved site up within 5 days.

In conclusion

There are definitely more than 5 benefits of a pay monthly website but these are my personal favourite when debating the topic of once off vs. pay monthly. If you found these 5 benefits of a pay monthly website helpful and would like to inquire into one of our plans kindly view our plans here.

Wishing you the utmost success going forward.

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